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Our Story

Welcome to Bay Area Burrito

San Francisco-Style Burritos


http://www.bgroads.com/?prosturadlo1=miglior-programma-trading-on-line&a1c=ee The 'Bay Area Burrito' concept, simply stated, looks to take the mexican food experience to the next level. By using only fresh, German products where possible and preparing them daily, Bay Area Burrito is able to offer maximum taste with minimum fuss. We take burritos seriously, and hope you will enjoy your visit as much as we enjoy having you stop by.



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go When you eat at Bay Area Burrito Company, you should expect nothing less than perfection. It's our goal to recreate the freshest and tastiest San Francisco style burrito with only local German products, whenever possible. We don't want to stop there though, not only do we want to sell San Francisco burritos with German products, but also other German products such as Fritz Kola and iced teas from the TeeGschwender.


enter We invite you to come by and enjoy this experience with us. We're excited to serve you. See you soon.

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